How to Make Money Rabbit Farming

Rabbit farming - British Giant

British Giant – excellent breed for commercial rabbit farming

How to make money rabbit farming is the topic of the day. We look and treat it as a serious agribusiness that will generate handsome profits.

Rearing high quality rabbit breeds is a profitable agribusiness venture. Rabbit meat is a product in high demand worldwide because it’s nutritious and health food.


Some of the benefits of eating rabbit meat are:


  • It is a rich source of high quality protein
  • Its meat is low in fat and cholesterol
  • Its meat contains important minerals and vitamins required by your body in small amounts
  • Its perfect product for weight loss because it contains oxi-oxidant and anti-aging components


Because of the above mentioned benefits rabbit farming is a lucrative agribusiness venture. You can’t go wrong with an in demand product. If you focus and work hard on it, you’ll succeed.


How to start rabbit farm?


You need a small piece of land. If you aren’t a land owner you can always lease a piece of land. In the rural areas you can lease land cheaply.


Once you have gotten yourself land, the next step is to build rabbit cages. Cages for sale are also available in the market.


For a young beginner with start-up capital challenges, you can start with a live stock of two. A male and one female rabbits will do. This beautiful animal’s rate of breeding is very high.


Some breeds that you may want to try are; New Zealand White, California White, Chinchilla, British Giant, Flemish Giant, and Dutch amongst many more.


How to make money with rabbits:


  • Rear rabbits and encourage your neighbors to start their own rabbit farms
  • Sell breeding stock to up-coming farmers
  • Establish a slaughter house to serve your district and charge a fee for the service
  • Be the sole marketer in your district and beyond of rabbit meat
  • Distribute rabbit feed to farmers
  • Supply live rabbits to learning institutions for laboratory experiments


Add value to your products for more profits:


Ever had of value addition? Many farmers sell live animals. You will agree with me that slaughtering in order to supply meat would make more money.


Choose to slaughter, package and brand, your rabbit meat product. This way you’ll make much more money. A kilo of rabbit meat can fetch Kenya shillings 500 and much more depending on the market segment. Selling to five star hotels makes you higher profits.


For those who live in Kenya you can contact Rabbit Breeders of Kenya if you are interested. You can find them at Another place that can greatly help you is Mkulima Young.


How to make money rabbit farming was our discussion today. Feel free to contact us.


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